In spite of his name ( Valente means brave), he's really extremely sweet dog. Almost 10 y.o. now. Our beloved lab :)

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  1. Gosh! He looks so much like my dog Benny, which must mean afraid of thunderstorms...lol.Wonderful pics of yur dog.

  2. Oh!!!! Valente is such a beautiful dog!! These are wonderful photos too! And I love the name:-)

  3. Hi Eric!Yes, I believe they have some issues in common.Valente isn't afraid of thunderstorms, but shakes all over his body when he sees the vet, or goes to a place with lots of people...such a brave dog!!LOL
    Thanks for your comment, it means a lot for me :)

  4. Thank you Linda!
    Maybe,someday, he´ll become a friend of one-tooth dog ( I´m sure he´d love it :)


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