Mário Oswaldo

Probably not for the last time, i'm here writing about that adorable, funny rooster named Mário Oswaldo. After a week fighting against his illness, he could finally rest in peace. A rooster peace.
For 10 years we enjoyed his company, shared lovely and funny moments, and of course, learned a lot with him about the way roosters live their lives and express themselves. You may find this awkward, but, yes, we did learn a lot from him. As a person who had grown up on an apartment in one of the biggest cities in the world, having the opportunity of taking care of a rooster since he came out off his eggshell, was a great gift. Life shows its best side on the simple things, and on the simple life of the animals we are allowed to have as friends.

He was so strong and aware of his power, he showed no fear and bravely defended our house from strangers. At the same time, he could be as soft and adorable as a little chick and knew how to ask for some cuddle and caresses. He enjoyed a lot beeing on my lap, as we talked about life.. yes, he was a very good listener and i usually went to him when i had something difficult to decide. He calmly fixed himself on my lap and kept looking to me while i talked for a long about things he probably didn't have a hint about. But those sweet eyes,and the attention he kept while listening to me were the best medicin and at the end i usually found the answer i was looking for, and everytime i felt so grateful, just for having the chance of being there, with him.

Animals have that magic power, when we allow ourselves bonding with them, when we allow ourselves looking at them not like just a simple life that exists to serve us, but as a gift left to us to learn about unconditional love, loyalty, and simplicity. Life is a magical thing, all that cells, atoms, molecules, working on a precision way, chemical batteries working precisely, mechanical wonders making life possible in this world. Any and every single living being is a representation of this magic, life magic. And each one, even the most disgusting form of life, is able to fullfill its mission on earth, showing us how to deal with life, showing us that every and each one of us has an important mission here, that is Existing, in our best, most beautiful, fullfilled way, turning all, each thought, each breath, each partition of time, into its maximum manifestation of the utility of being who we are... each single and small part of us as part of this Grandiosity we belong to.

So.. for this and all, Thanks a lot my dear Rooster Friend. May each and all of you be part of the Better World we want to live in.

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  1. ColoradoSweetheart1 de junho de 2010 20:53

    I offer you my condolences for your loss. Pets are such a large part of our families/lives. Mario Oswaldo is now enjoying the company of other beloved pets, waiting for you to join him at the Rainbow Bridge.

  2. This is such a beautiful and touching tribute to your dear little soul spirit,Mário Oswaldo. You have an uncanny understanding of the truths of this precious rooster and his place of honor in your life. Blessings to you and yours, and may you meet again over The Rainbow Bridge


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